Learning Journal

Horizons students have an additional, independent assignment this grading period to learn something new.  Students can choose anything they want to learn that is new to them (ex: how to bake brownies, etc), or they can choose to improve on something they already do (ex: improve from shooting 45% from the three point line to shooting 65% from the three point line).  Six total entries are due, five covering the progress and one final reflection.  Each entry, 1-5, should include what was done to make progress and what they thought about it.  Each entry should be 150 words.  The final reflection should summarize everything they did, what they thought about their progress, whether it was a success or a failure, and whether they would do something like that again.  All six are due December 16th.

This is a fun project if you embrace the idea of learning something new to make yourself a more well-rounded person.

Happy learning,

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