Thursday, November 20, 2014

WOD Review 3:2

This has been a busy grading period so far, and that pace is going to continue throughout the six weeks.  Tomorrow will be the first Word of the Day quiz for this grading period, and you will also have a short quiz over Writing Rule #13- Use a comma and quotation marks to separate a direct quote from the rest of the sentence.

Additionally, you can Kahoot review here.

Study study study,

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Writing Rule Test Review

Tomorrow you will be taking your Writing Rule of the Week Test. Below, you can access the Kahoot review games we did in class today.  Make sure you have one screen for the questions and another device for answering!
Click on each link below.
Review Part I
Review Part II
Review Part III

Kahoot Luck!!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

WOD Review

Students and Parents,
Please review the above video for tomorrow's Word of the Day Quiz.  This is the quiz that would have been administered on Friday, however with the incentive and high absenteeism, we would be spending much of Monday making up this test.  You will have another WOD quiz on Friday of this week.  Friday marks the end of the second grading period, so make sure you have turned in all late work!

In regular classes, we have completed our final blog for this semester.  We will be working on another writing project that will encompass the entirety of the third grading period.  Please keep a look out in the next week for details.

Also, progress reports are due!  If we do not receive the signed/returned progress reports by Tuesday, your student will be issued a d-hall.  Progress reports went out on Thursday of last week.

Study study study,