Thursday, October 4, 2012

Last Chance!

This is it- the eve of the end of the grading period!  For those of you that have been teetering this six weeks, it's time to step up and finish the grading period strong.  For those of you that have been fighting an uphill battle, this is your chance to stand victorious and proud that you have prevailed- evidence that you have the ability to be successful this school year.  Some of you, who I sent failure notices home with yesterday and did not receive them today, we will continue to work with you (kicking and screaming albeit) to make sure that you are successful.  Use this first grading period as wake-up call for the rest of the year.  There isn't a soul in any of my classes that can afford a sub-par grade on tomorrow's quizzes, so make sure you are studying your words this evening.  Below are the spelling words and Horizons vocabulary words that will be tested tomorrow.
Good luck!

Spelling List 4

herd: We saw a herd of cattle on the ranch.
heard: I heard birds singing at dawn.
capital: Austin is the capital of Texas.
capitol: The senate is in the capitol building.
principle: Honesty is an important principle.
principal: The school principal led the assembly.
there: It is easy to get there from here.
their: The boys carried their tennis rackets.
straight: The path is straight, not curved.
strait: A narrow strait connects the lakes.
compliment: I received a compliment on my poem.
complement: The red rug will complement the room.
stationery: I wrote a letter on my new stationery.
stationary: An exercise bicycle stays stationary.
idle: She remained idle instead of working.
idol: The artist was the young man's idol.
hostel: Young travelers can stay at a hostel.
hostile: The enemy soldiers were hostile.
sheer: Light comes through the sheer curtain.
shear: She will shear the poodle's long hair.

Horizons Vocabulary List 4

befall- to happen to; occur

bestow- to present, give, or grant as a gift or honor

confer- to give as a gift or honor; to award; to meet and discuss together

consolation- something that comforts

delegate- 1. a person chosen to act for or represent another; 2. to give or assign (responsibility, power, or authority) to another.

Study study study,

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