Friday, November 4, 2011

Third Six Weeks, Here We Come!

Wow! What a fast and furious grading period we had! Though it was so hectic, I am incredibly proud of my kiddos working hard to earn their AR goals (some of them staying up late the night before deadline!). Definitely the perk of the grading period was Outdoor Ed. I hope your students had an amazing time- one they will remember for years to come. I have a little bit of tweaking to do with grades as well as looking at some late work and quiz-grading before I post. Grades will be posted by Monday at 1:00 at the latest.
For the new grading period, AR goals will go back to the normal amount as they were reduced for this shortened grading period. Please check your child's Home Connect to stay up to date with quizzes and goal percentages.  We will be starting from scratch on Word of the Day words next week.  Keep an eye out on Thursday night for Flippin' Flashcards that should be coming home and check back here periodically for other information and news.
The Bobcats are currently in the lead selling Acapulco tickets.  We took the spirit stick from the Jaguar team this morning in a pep rally.  Way to go, Bobcats!
Have a great weekend,
Mr. Mein

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